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Active and Passive Components from Synton-Tech2017-09-18
Synton-Tech Corporation has 30 years of experiences in the electornics components industry. We are devoted to produce all kinds of passive components including resistor, capacitor and inductor. 
The issue of material shortage has led to an imbalanced supply and demand situation. 
As we have long-term cooperation with so many other suppliers, we now can provide diverse products such as active and passive components. 
The Generation of Wireless Charger2016-02-04
Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging. It works by transmitting electricity from the charger to a receiver via electromagnetic induction. 
1. Safer: Wireless charging transmits power without contact with exposed electrical connectors. It will stop automatically after the device being fully charged. This can reduce the possibility of electric shocks. 
2. Convenience: no more tangled cables!
High Power Chip Resistor (RCCS TYPE)2015-08-19
High power chip resistor (RCCS TYPE) can be used in a wide range of applications, such as smartphone, automotive and home electronics, etc. It is often designed with IC and transistor within PCM (Protection Circuit Modules). High power chip resistor has become one of the best seller recent years. 
High Voltage Resistor (MFH-Type)2015-01-18
High Voltage Resistor (MFH-Type) has a long service life time with stable characteristic. Available from 10Ω and 100MΩ.
Anti-Burst Fusible Resistor (RFB-Type)2015-01-12
Anti-Burst Fusible Resistor (RFB-Type), UL Certified, has reliable fusing performance. It is also environmentally safe.
  • Resistor > DIP Resistor
  • Carbon Film Fixed Resistor (CR)
  • Carbon Film Fixed Resistor (FCF)
  • Metal Film Fixed Resistor (MF)
  • Metal Film Fixed Resistor (FMF)
  • High Voltage Resistor (MFH)
  • Metal Oxide Film Resistor (MO)
  • Metal Oxide Film Resistor (NON)
  • Wire Wound Resistor (KNP)
  • Wire Wound Resistor (NKNP)
  • Fusible Resistor - Thin Film Type (FRN)
  • Fusible Resistor (FKN) Wire Wound Type
  • Rated Current Fusible (RFA)
  • Anti-Burst Fusible Resistor (RFB)
  • High Resistance Resistor (RR)
  • Power Wirewound Resistor (CH)
  • Power Wirewound Resistor (QH)
  • Variable Wire Wound Power (FVR)
  • Aluminum Power Resistor (AH; NAH)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQP)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQM)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQT)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQZ)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQH)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQHG)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQS)
  • Cement Power Resistor (SQF)
  • Thermal Fuse Resistor (FTM)
  • Carbon Film MELF Resistor(MECF)
  • Metal Film MELF Resistor (MEMF)
  • Metal Glaze Trimmer Potentiometer (VR)
  • Resistor Network (SIP)
  • Power Resistor (TR)
  • Power Thermistor (NTC)
  • Low Value Wire Resistor(RW)(MK)
  • Low Value Wire Resistor (RW)(MB)
  • Low Value Wire Resistor (RW) (M)
  • Resistor > SMD Resistor
  • Chip Resistor (RC)
  • Thin Film Chip Resistor (RT)
  • High Power Chip Resistor (RCCS)
  • High Voltage Chip Resistor (RCH)
  • Chip Network (YC)
  • Capacltor > DIP Capacltor
  • Ceramic Capacitor (C/C)
  • Multilayer Capacitor (MLC)
  • Polyester Capacitor (M/C)
  • Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor (METAL)
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (E/C)
  • Metal Film Boxed Capacitor (MEFBOX)
  • Capacltor > SMD Capacltor
  • Chip Capacitor (CC)
  • Chip Capacitor Arrays (CA)
  • Inductor > DIP Inductor
  • Fixed Inductor (EC)
  • Ferrite Bead (RH)
  • Radial Lead Fixed Inductor (PK)
  • Inductor > SMD Inductor
  • Chip Bead (CB)
  • Chip Inductor (CI)
  • Chip Power Inductor (CIW)
  • Chip Wirewound Inductor (CIWF)
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